Imagination…is it getting lost?

blog pic2

The above picture is of my oldest we will call Big L. I am always amazed about the things he comes up with he does have quite the imagination. This summer he has made this tree that is right outside the front of our house, his home.

It is a big pear tree that last year provided so much fruit that we helped with the bee population get bigger, because there were so many that the kids couldn’t play under it.

We will see if the bee’s will be as bad as last year, but back to the post. As I said this is his home that he plays with his half-sister J and little brother Little C. What he has done in the picture is made a bed for his house, no one can use that spot that is his bed :-).

They use the branches of the tree’s to make pretend clothes and often ask me if I like their outfits  and then they go off and find sticks to play with under the tree that are swords to protect it. The garage is boulevard that houses their cars (bikes). They do this everyday and makes me proud.

So many kids are put in this activity and another one. I am sure if a few years I will have my kids be in some. But just some…or the activity is more important to the parent that the child. I feel bad for the kids that they have to be told how to act or else. That this cost money so you better do it and do it right!

It seems children have so many activities they don’t have imaginations anymore and if they do get bored they have no idea what to do!

So, yes I love to see my kids make a house out of tree without my help and play with sticks. It’s not because they don’t have toys or I don’t want to do things with them. I want them to use their imagination and that is a powerful tool to have to grow to be a creative person.

What creative things do your children do without you?


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