Thinking of tomorrow after tomorrow


I realize I haven’t written in this since July. Life has been busy and changes have happened. Today though I need to write and that helps at times sort out how I feel inside.

I love my children dearly, often though I feel drained by the thoughts of tomorrow. My son “C” has many disadvantages for him. surprising this Christmas went much better then I thought it would. See “C” suffers from Sensory Disorder, Asthma which has landed him in the hospital twice. He also suffers from OCD, he now has a muscle disease they have no idea the name for it yet, because that would be more tests. The upside he doesn’t seem to be progressing. He sees to therapists, occupational and speech. He will be getting braces for his feet soon to help with balance.

But I think of tomorrow or the tomorrows after that. He today met his 3rd occupational therapist for the third time this past year today…ugh. She is very nice and seems to know what she is doing, but to be honest I get tired of explaining about him. I think about writing a letter so I can show it to the next person, because at the end of April he will have to have new speech and occupational therapists again. Also now they want him to have a physical therapists. I understand all for the good for him, but maybe a letter would be easier..I seem to forget about things or who I have told them too. He is also being referred to the Early Childhood program in the school district and most likely they want to do their own tests..lovely!!

I called up to his clinic today to see about his braces…not in yet, but should be next week..will call you. Then I called to see about getting his heart tests done…I like to get all done in one day. No one is in until next week 😦 They will call you…of course I work now which means none of these apps happen when I have off. I didn’t realize specialists took off during the holidays too.

They also want in the summer for his sessions to take place in Marshfield…like to get changed to Rapids. We will be one income in the summer and I like drive as little as I can.

My other son also has testing done at school and I have an appts on the 13 for that to see the results.

I try not to worry about tomorrow because God tells us not too, but I worry about bills and things not even mentioned. I know next week will be tough in the mornings…oh who am I kidding every morning has been tough getting “C” going and not having meltdowns because his hands are sticky and yes he has to go back to day care..his routine is all messed up!

Tomorrow 🙂 but when I look into those little blue eyes or those little brown eyes and they say “I love you” or luv you” I know I will make it through tomorrow.

How to have an inexpensive 4th Of July with Kids, part 2

Summer is great! We are having a fun summer and this coming week will be 4th of July.

Here is another inexpensive 4th of July craft that the kids love to do and I will be doing more this week.


Glitter and glue fireworks!

Just a piece of paper, glue and glitter and let them go!

I had them do it on the floor because the mess is much easier to pick up that way.

Let them put a design of a firework on their paper you could also use black paper, but I didn’t have any.

Then let them glitter the paper, simple fun and easy!


Another thing to get as my youngest at the time shows, is to get dollar store light sticks. Kids love these and will last the night!


The dollar tree does carry some fireworks. If your budget is tight you can get some great things there and a fun night!


As you see my son is doing sparklers, the year before he was scared to hold on the sparkler, because of the sparks. I came across this idea on pinterest and it is a great idea. Get some plastic drinking cups…like red solo cup 🙂 poke a hole in the end of it. Then place the sparkler in it and light it. It works great! as you can see. Still need adult supervision 🙂

Well I hope you enjoyed these little ideas for you to have fun 4th without spending a lot!


How to have an inexpensive 4th of July with kids Part 1

I love this time of the year when the 4th of July is around. I always try to make it a fun time with my kids.  There are many things you can do to make it inexpensive and fun for your kids.

I hope you enjoy the next few post about what you can do to have fun, but not break the bank!

During the day I the 4th I like to make a lunch that is about the 4th. The kids love anything with a theme.wpid-img_223658497143145_kindlephoto-145105856

Above is a very simple lunch. I got the plates at the Dollar Store and I also had napkins. It is so nice to get stuff that is cheap but still festive.

I had a star sandwich cutter that I made pb and j sandwiched. They also had red jello and a Koolaid blue drink and you can get those for a dollar at Wal-Mart.


This activity I did a few days before and everyone loves to do it, even a toddler can do it. I had a star cookie cutter which he dipped in red and blue paint and put on a white paper. It was a learning activity too. We talked about the colors and the shape being a start. It lets them create at their own pace and do whatever design they want. Being creative is a great things for young children!

I hope you enjoyed these little things to do that won’t break the bank, but will make it a fun 4 of July!

Stepmom…I hate that name!


Like a lot of families out there we are a blended family and my husband has a 7 yr old daughter J. I have known her since she was 10 months old. It is amazing that time has passed that quickly.

She is a great sister to her two little brothers when she is here. They look up to her and enjoy having her play with them.

Her dad and I are always happy to see her and enjoy our time with her. Even though we don’t get to see her a lot ( she lives in a different state) we try to make the most of our time when she is here.

But I have to say I hate the word stepmom..ugh. When I think of that name all you think of is the horrible stepmom’s in Disney movies. There should be a different name…any ideas?

Like many stepmom’s it is hard to know your place. I deal with this every time. She doesn’t call me mom, she calls me by my name and I have no desire to have her call me mom. If she wants to someday then fine. Honestly, I hear that name enough during the day I think I am starting to tune it out from over use.

I have never met her mom and I choose to do that a long time ago. Drop off’s and pick ups are with the two parents..I have no business in that. That is their child and it should be about that. Not about me or my kids. It takes off a lot of problems that could arise. To be honest again I can get a bit emotional at times and tend to spout my opinion and I really don’t think that is the time for it. One day there will be graduations and weddings, but for now this works just fine.

It is hard when she is here to know where is my place in her life? Like I said I’m not called mom, but if I have to correct her how far do I go? I want her to like me, but I am not a pushover either. It wouldn’t be fair to the other children. Her dad and I have talked about this and he says if she needs timeout that I can do it. I feel like the big bad stepmom when I do it.

I don’t say to her I love you. Some might think I should, but I find it hard. I do love her, but she has never expressed that to me that she wants me to say that. I give her a good night hug but that is about it. To some that might not sound we are not close but I don’t want her to think I am trying to take her mom’s place. Her mom has raised a great child and does wonderful with her.

I just don’t know how close to be without over stepping my role. Being a stepmom ( I hate that word!) is sometimes a thankless job where you try hard to be that person that cares but not too much so that the child doesn’t feel overwhelmed by you. I try to do a lot of things with her when she is here, but that doesn’t make me better and sometimes it is forgotten how much is done just for her.

I’m not saying this to complain, but for mom’s who have kids and they have stepmoms or stepgirlfriends if that is even a word. I am saying we are not trying to take your place! We are trying to be there for your child not as a mom or a friend. I know people who seem to put down stepmom’s or trying to down grade them. That isn’t healthy for the child when they go to their dad’s house they look at that person in different eyes.

I am here for J for whenever she needs me. If it is good or bad. We do have a good relationship, but I still at times wonder where is my place….as that dreaded word STEPMOM!

Highly addictive and tasty treat…you have been warned!

What I am about to share with you might be one of those most sweet treats I have ever made. It is made with cereal. Yes, and I will only have this as a treat once and awhile for the kids and maybe one or two for me.

I won’t have it as a cereal in the house, you might as well be putting sugar in their bowls instead of this. But I thought I would try to see how it was made into bars.

It is Reese ‘s Puff Cereal and it really does taste like you are eating a peanut butter cup! It is dangerous!


As from the picture above you just need the following:

1 box of Reese’s Puff’s

1 bag of marshmallows

1/4 cup of butter

cake pan

1 big bowl

you can use 1 big bowl instead of the two little ones, but I don’t have big enough microwave bowls so I used two.

non stick spray I used olive oil, but can be anything.


The kids love doing this and Big L and his sister J enjoyed making these and doesn’t take long so it is perfect for kids who don’t have a long attention span.

Big L poured the cereal into the bowl, it was hard for him not to eat it 🙂


Put that big bowl to the side and spray those little bowls with none stick spray. Put half of the butter and marshmallows in there. Do this twice or once depending on your bowl size.

Then put it in the microwave for around 55 seconds..but WATCH OUT! It does expands and almost went over the sides! Remember all microwaves are different.


Then mix and pour the marshmallows into the bowl with the cereal.


My son loved this part. He loved mixing it and well maybe the best part was after I put it into the pan I let him lick the bowl. No eggs so safe 🙂


Finished product! Now just put it in the refrigerator and let it set about 30 mins and then cut up.

It is good!!!

Gummy freezer pop

I have seen on many Pinterest ( which I love) board the gummy bear freezer pop. Last summer I tried it and here is how it turned out.

It was pretty simple to make. All you needed was gummy bears, sprite and popsicle holders.

One I did run into what no one tells you on any of the blogs is that the gummies sink to the bottom. If you want them spread throughout you have to fill it totally with gummy bears and then just a little sprite.

Also make sure you have enough room in your freezer for them. My kids did enjoy them a lot and I plan on making them again. You could put gummy worms in and that would be great for Halloween…hmmm maybe I’ll do that then 🙂


Inexpensive fun outside toys for the summer.


In the summer I try to find inexpensive yet fun activities to do outside with my little ones. This picture was from a year ago.

At that time I didn’t have a water table. I thought what can I use in my own house to do that?

I did have two plastic bins and I filled it with water and put things in it from the house so that they could play in it.


I didn’t go and buy water toys, but used some of my baking scoops, little bath toys and paint brushes.

They loved playing with it! The best part was it was everything I had on hand and didn’t cost me a thing!

You could use buckets too but these were good and shallow. It took min’s to put together and they played with it for a long time. That is always a great thing with toddlers and preschool children.